Geriatric Care

As senior citizens begin to have difficulties coping with their daily lives, they often do not wish to burden loved ones with their personal care. Under these circumstances a Geriatric Care Manager will be helpful. At First Care, our staff of Geriatric Care Managers performs an assessment and first evaluates the client’s needs, including physical and mental health, family and community resources, and medicines being used. Each Care Manager evaluates if the client has the kind of services, companionship and environment that she or he wishes to have. Our Geriatric Care Managers are trained to understand the client they are working with, what their values are, and an understanding of each individual culture and the importance of an appropriate living environment.


Communication with families and anyone involved in the client’s care is ongoing, to ensure expectations on both sides are being met. We have a trusting relationship with our client’s and families involved in their care. A trusting relationship is the core of Health Care Services.

Job Opportunity

First Care screen each caregiver to ensure each person meets the highest standards.